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Elevate Your Bathroom with Free Standing Wash Basins

Free standing washbasins, or pedestal basins, are bathroom sinks that stand independently on the floor rather than mounted to a wall or countertop. These basins are designed to be a focal point in the bathroom, offering functional and aesthetic benefits. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials, making them versatile for different bathroom styles.

At RAK Ceramics, every detail matters when designing your perfect bathroom. Our free standing washbasins are elegant, combining innovative design with superior functionality. Whether you want to make a bold statement or prefer a minimalist aesthetic, our diverse collection has something for every style and need.

Ideal Bathroom Settings for Free Standing Wash Basins

Free standing wash basins are versatile and can enhance various bathroom settings, from small powder rooms to luxurious master bathrooms. Here are some of the best settings and considerations for incorporating free standing wash basins into your bathroom design:

Modern and Minimalist Bathrooms


Clean Lines: Free standing wash basins' sleek, uncluttered design complements modern bathrooms' clean lines and simplicity.

Neutral Colors: To match a minimalist aesthetic, choose basins in neutral tones such as white, black, or grey.

Open Space: These basins' stand-alone nature helps create an open and airy feel, a hallmark of modern design.


Pair with wall-mounted fixtures and minimalistic accessories.

Use simple, geometric shapes for a cohesive look.

Small Bathrooms and Powder Rooms


Space-Saving Design: Free standing wash basins are perfect for smaller spaces where every square inch matters. Their compact footprint allows for more flexible placement.

Visual Appeal: These basins can serve as a stylish focal point in a small bathroom or powder room, adding a touch of elegance.


Opt for a round or oval basin to maximize space efficiency.

Use a tall, narrow pedestal to make the room feel more spacious.

Luxury and Spa-Like Bathrooms


Elegant Appearance: Free standing wash basins exude luxury and sophistication, making them ideal for high-end, spa-like bathrooms.

Unique Materials: To enhance the luxurious feel, choose basins made from premium materials such as marble, stone, or high-gloss ceramics


Complement the basin with high-end fixtures and accessories like gold or brushed nickel faucets.

Add ambient lighting and decorative elements like plants or candles for a relaxing atmosphere.

Transitional Bathrooms


Blend of Styles: Transitional bathrooms combine elements of traditional and contemporary design. Free standing wash basins can seamlessly bridge these styles.

Versatile Design: The variety of shapes and finishes allows easy integration into a transitional bathroom.


Pair with modern and classic fixtures, such as a traditional mirror with contemporary lighting.

Choose a basin with a unique shape or finish to add an interesting focal point.

Vintage and Classic Bathrooms


Timeless Design: Free standing wash basins can also be used in vintage or classic bathroom settings, particularly those with ornate details and traditional décor.

Period-Appropriate Fixtures: Select basins with a more classic shape and finish, such as porcelain or ceramic, to match the vintage aesthetic.


Combine with traditional taps and fittings, such as cross-handle faucets.

Use decorative elements like antique mirrors and vintage light fixtures to complete the look.

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