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Shower Tray and Bases

Design your bathroom using our shower trays and bases to explore how they might change the overall concept and aesthetic. The shower tray, one of the most underrated bathroom fixtures, may accentuate the luxury and glamour of the room's overall design. You can choose between shower trays and bases at the RAK Ceramic online store , including fixing solutions and bathroom accessories. Discover our collection of beautiful and functional shower trays of the highest caliber.

Shower Bases and Trays to Match Every Bathroom Design

Finding the right parts and materials for the shower's size and location is crucial whether you're building a new one or remodeling an old one. Choose from our selection of framed, panel-only, semi-framed, and frameless shower screens. Pair it with one of our flexible tile trays or a self-supporting acrylic base. White acrylic walls are another option we have for the enclosure. In Dubai, a shower tray installed correctly will last for many years. A shower screen and surround can add a lovely element that improves your bathroom. At RAK Ceramics online store, various styles, sizes, and finishes are available to fit your needs.

Obtain the Ideal Fit

When making an internet purchase, consider what shape would fit your bathroom the best. A space-saving quadrant shower tray is a terrific option if your bathroom is small. A rectangular shower tray might be preferable for larger bathrooms. Ensure your shower tray's dimensions and form correspond to your showers to obtain a tight fit and avoid spills. Let’s discuss the different types of shower tray

Tiled Shower Tray

Tile-made shower trays are the best and easiest to install. They won't leak thanks to their flat, smooth surfaces that are flush with the floor.

Acrylic Material

The acrylic shower tray's wide form makes it easy to clean and maintain. It's a great long-term choice because its surface is scratchresistant.


Stainless steel is durable since it requires no maintenance and is intrinsically rust-proof.

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