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Welcome to RAK Ceramics Online, your ultimate online destination for top-tier sanitary ware, tiles, bathroom accessories, kitchen faucets, and more. Tiles are pivotal in defining a space's aesthetic and functional quality. As a cornerstone in the construction and design of both home and commercial environments, we are committed to providing a wide selection of tiles including porcelain tiles, kitchen wall tiles, bathroom tiles, ceramic tiles, outdoor tiles and more that satisfy our customers' various needs, as we recognize the significance of this function.

Featured Floor Tiles, Types and Categories

With such a wide selection of tiles in our collection, every customer will surely discover the ideal match for their project. Our collection accommodates a wide range of tastes and design preferences, from the sophistication of marble tiles to the coziness of wood tiles, the robustness of concrete tiles, and the inherent beauty of stone tiles. In addition, we provide stylish metal tiles, creative resin tiles, and adaptable ceramic and porcelain tiles for indoor and outdoor use.

Quality And Craftsmanship of Our Tiles

Quality is the primary consideration in all we do at RAK Ceramics Online. Modern machinery and the best materials are used to produce our tiles to ensure their lifespan and ease of maintenance. Every tile is expertly crafted to showcase our dedication to quality, with meticulous attention to detail providing a faultless finish for any area.

Pricing And Aesthetics

We believe that beautiful, high-quality tiles should be accessible to everyone. That's why we offer competitive pricing across our entire range, from luxurious marble and porcelain tiles to practical ceramic and rustic wood tiles. Our diverse collection ensures you can find the perfect tiles to match your aesthetic preferences without compromising quality or breaking your budget.

Reasons To Choose RAK Ceramics Online

Wide Range of Options

Whether you're looking for a kitchen, living room floor, bathroom, or outdoor tiles, our extensive selection has you covered.

Superior Quality

Our commitment to quality means that every tile we offer is crafted to meet the highest standards of durability and aesthetics.

Innovative Designs

From classic subway tiles to modern kitchen wall tiles, our range includes the latest trends and timeless designs to suit any decorating style.

Expertise And Experience

With years of experience in the industry, RAK Ceramics is a trusted name in crafting spaces that blend functionality with beauty.

Customer Satisfaction

Our dedication to customer satisfaction ensures that you receive personalized service and support throughout your project.

Crafting Your Space with RAK Ceramics

Whether renovating your home, designing a new commercial space, or simply updating your kitchen or bathroom, RAK Ceramics Online has the tiles you need to bring your vision to life. While our wall tiles give any space personality and flair, our floor tiles provide a base of beauty and toughness. Our products are made to improve the appearance and feel of your space, whether through the usefulness of kitchen tiles, the comfort of living room floor tiles, or the elegance of bathroom tiles.

RAK Ceramics Online offers the ideal workmanship, quality, and beauty fusion. Look at our current selection to convert your area into a lovely and cozy haven. Creating the space of your dreams with RAK Ceramics has never been easier.

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    Gres porcelain
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    From AED 66.33 per m² From AED 94.75
    Gres porcelain
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    From AED 154.35 per m² From AED 220.50
  3. Surface 2.0 Wall And Floor Tiles - Concrete Effect | Matt Finish Surface 2.0 Wall And Floor Tiles - Concrete Effect | Matt Finish
    Gres porcelain
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    From AED 66.89 per m² From AED 95.55
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    From AED 52.19 per m² From AED 74.55
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    From AED 39.69 per m² From AED 56.70
    Gres porcelain
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    From AED 127.89 per m² From AED 182.70