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RAK Ceramics' online shop provides customers with a wide range of faucets and taps. Bathroom or kitchen taps, including control type, design, and material, may differ. You will find a faucet or a mixer with us that does the job and looks aesthetically pleasing in your space. Browse through our catalog of faucets to choose the best product for your bathrooms and kitchens.

Elevate the Design of your Spaces with Stylish Faucets

Faucets are integral utility and design element to bathrooms and kitchens. Over time, a bathroom or kitchen tap may wear out, begin to flow, become clogged, and lose its original appearance. For the faucet to serve for a long time without complaints, it is important to make the right choice. AT RAK Ceramics Online, we bring top-notch products for our clients that are also available for ordering online. Whether you are doing a bathroom or kitchen remodel or renovation, choose a faucet or shower mixer from our catalog for durability and an exquisite look.

Place of Installation and Purpose

Mixers and faucets are distinguished for baths and showers, washbasins, kitchens, and bidets based on their purpose. You can choose where to install the mixer or faucet.


The kitchen tap is installed on the sink. It usually has a short spout on a high stance. This design is due to its peculiarities of operation—you need to wash not only plates but also pots, pans, and other large utensils. A swivel spout helps in a kitchen tap, as putting a bigger pot or bucket in the sink is convenient.


Faucets are installed on a washbasin and a bathtub in the bathroom. A faucet or shower mixer comes with or without a shower head. Shower heads provide a versatile option for hygiene procedures. It can be used for bathing and showering, and if they have a swivel-long spout, it can also be used for washing. Depending on the bathroom faucet model, it can be mounted on the wall or the side of the bath.

Faucets for washbasins and washstands usually have a small spout projection, as the size of the bowl limits them. The design is usually installed vertically in a special hole on the side.

Control Type for a Faucet


Rotary valves separately regulate the supply of cold and hot water. Sometimes, adjusting the pressure takes a long time to get warm water in the faucet at a comfortable temperature. Most users are familiar with this design, but it is only occasionally convenient. For instance, turning valves with unclean or soapy hands is challenging. These faucets are also inefficient because it is impossible to swiftly turn on and off the water when doing dishes or cleaning.

Single Lever

This control is the most practical for kitchen and bathroom faucets in terms of use and water conservation. The lever may be raised and lowered to open or close the water with a simple hand motion. The lever is turned left and right to change the temperature until the water is mixed to the desired consistency. One hand can also be used for this. For example, the water flow is unnecessary while washing the dishes or brushing your teeth - it is stopped and opened only for rinsing. In addition, the lever mixer is compact - there are no valves on the side so that you can place the most necessary accessories nearby.

What to Look for When Choosing a Bathroom or Kitchen Tap?

Body Material

The most common materials for faucets are stainless steel and brass. They are strong, durable, and affordable. The surface is chrome-plated or plated with nickel-chrome to maintain an attractive appearance. A new trend is the use of ceramic products in various colors. This is a higher-price category. Such models enhance the beauty and look of your space.

Stop Valve

Valves use crane boxes with rubber or ceramic gaskets. Over time, they wear out, but repairs are inexpensive. Lever models have a cartridge, a ball, or a ceramic plate. The latter option is less reliable since impurities in the water can wear out the plates—for protection, it is better to install a filter on the line. Faucets with a plastic valve are even less durable but affordable.


First, you need to consider its length. Short spouts are 10 - 15 cm long and are suitable for small washstands and washbasins. In medium ones, it reaches 20 cm - a great option for a kitchen tap. The elongated ones have a spout from 25 - 30 cm long - usually installed for the alternating use of the bathtub and washbasin. Secondly, you need to pay attention to the type of connection of the spout to the body - prefabricated ones are connected to the base with a threaded connection, which can leak over time.

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