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A modern home requires a modern toilet space with designer sanitary ware and a water closet. We have a large variety of toilet seats at our leading RAK Ceramics online store. They are suitable for every place and are available in different specifications, shapes, and styles. The RAK WC toilet can fit into the most compact of the washrooms to large ones. They are rimless with a glossy finish and are easy to clean and install. Explore our range of European and Western-style square, round, rectangle, or oval commodes and pick the best one to buy online.

We guarantee to supply top-quality and eco-friendly toilet seat and sanitaryware Dubai. You can also check and purchase our other products, including a bidet, and designed wash basin for a high level of innovation.

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Close Coupled

In this type of WC toilet seat, the cistern is attached directly behind the commode in the more traditional design.

Back to Wall

A back-to-wall water closet is a floor-standing toilet that is ideal for small spaces, giving them a modern look and feel.

Wall Hung

With an illusion that they are floating, the wall-hung RAK WC toilet is great looking and elevates the aesthetic of the toilet.

Top Supplier of Water Closet and Sanityware Dubai

RAK Ceramics offers the best quality and elegant sanitary ware at a reasonable rate. Our exclusive selection is made to complement your space in order to improve its ambiance. We are also one of the prominent suppliers of floor tiles and bathroom accessories in Dubai. You can choose our products that best fit your needs and budget to transform your toilet.

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